A Luxury Home Service to the Buyer’s Agent

A Luxury Home Service to the Buyer’s Agent

by Terri Woods

I specialize in Luxury Homes and I wanted to share something that has been greatly appreciated by many Buyers’ Agents.

When I have a Buyer’s Agent show one of my Luxury Home listings, I ask the agent to leave all the lights “ON” and explain that I will turn them off.   

Why do I do that?  As I was showing a buyer a house that was not my listing, it took me AND the buyer several minutes to locate the light switches in this home.  It really made a bad impression for my buyer and they did not purchase the house even though the house was something I could see them living in.  It was at that time that I made up my mind to not have the Buyers’ Agents who show my Luxury Home listings go through the same thing. 

When a Buyer’s Agent schedules an appointment to see one of my listings, I in turn schedule with the seller.  I find out if the seller will be there prior to showing and if the seller is able to turn on the lights, etc. This is the normal protocol for any listing.

However, what I have found with Luxury Homes is there are lots of light switches because there are lots of features, like the under-the-cabinet lighting, or the lights inside the built-in china hutch.  When a Buyer’s Agent has to “hunt” for the light switches at the end of the showing, it leaves a negative tone to my listing and that is the exact opposite of what I want the Buyer to leave with.  

So, I just let the Buyer’s Agent  leave all the lights on and leave with a positive attitude.  If my clients are out of town or at work, I turn off the lights as part of my service.  This allows the Buyers’ Agents to concentrate on the most important thing… selling my listing.

If you have anyone looking for a home in Corvallis/Albany, Oregon, here are three beautiful homes to consider.


4030 NW Sarah Maria Court Albany OR  4000 NW Camala Albany OR  6697 NW Quailwood Albany OR

http://www.GreatOregonHomes.com or http://www.GreatMontereyBayHomes.com

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I help people buy and sell real estate in Oregon and California. I want to be the resource for all your real estate needs. If you have a question or even a comment - please feel free to call, email or even text. I take my customer service seriously. Visit my websites at www.GreatOregonHomes.com and www.GreatMontereyBayHomes.com
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