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Dear Neighbors,

For as long as human history can be traced, we have loved to work with wood. Strong, natural, versatile, durable, beautiful and renewable, it truly is a remarkable product.

On the other hand, wood also requires care. In order to prevent serious damage, such as dry rot, splitting and twisting, wooden decks need periodic maintenance.


With all of the rain and moisture in our region, mildew and algae are common deck problems. Also, fallen organic matter from surrounding vegetation can begin to deteriorate wood.

One of the best ways to keep your deck looking great and lasting long is with yearly pressure cleaning. This removes contaminants and organisms, preserving the life of your wood.

Sealing, Staining or Painting

For living, growing wood, water is life. But once the wood is used in construction, water becomes destructive. Therefore, wood must be protected.

If your deck is coated with sealer or stain, check it annually to see if it still repels water. Sprinkle some drops of water on the surface. If they are absorbed, your wood is at risk. If the water beads up and remains on the surface, you are well-protected.

With painted decks, it is important to re-coat before the paint begins to fail. Otherwise, the work (and expense) of repainting will be greater.

Need a Hand?

Right now is an excellent time to have your deck serviced, so that you can get the longest season of enjoyment out of it before next winter.

If you would like us to help you with your vital deck maintenance, contact us for a free estimate.

I am always delighted to serve you!

Tim Fitzpatrick, Owner
Fitzpatrick Painting & Carpentry

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