What is a good offer price for North Albany, OR real estate?

What is a good offer price for North Albany, OR real estate?  

Terri Woods  Search for North Albany Homes

While working with home buyers in North Albany, OR, many buyers ask the question, What is a good offer price?”  

One way to determine a good offer price is for the Buyer’s Agent to do a Comparative Market Analysis.  However, often buyers feel they need to make a lower offer in order to have room to negotiate.  

Though that approach may work, offering too low a price might insult a seller, and may result in negative feelings between that Buyer and Seller, and may even jeopardize a potential purchase.

Since January 2013, North Albany, OR real estate is selling around 98% of the list price.  

Naturally, Buyers want to buy a home at the lowest price possible and Sellers want to sell their home for the highest price possible.  With the above information regarding List to Sell Prices, Buyers can make an educated offer price and be confident that their offer price is within the norm for North Albany, OR real estate.

If you would like specific information regarding purchasing a home for sale in Corvallis or Albany, or you have a home that you would like a Highest Price Analysis, contact me at terriwoods@kw.com.  I look forward to assisting you in all your real estate transactions.

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