Are you a double-spacer or a single-spacer? Am I the only one?

Yes, this tells my age.  I am forever double-spacing after periods. HOWEVER, with our new technology, including blogs, I am continually going back and deleting that extra space…even on my texts. It seems that little extra space actually throws off indentations and formatting around pictures, etc. 

My question is… when did it change? And who was the person who decided we are no longer double spacing after periods? Did they notify all the people in my age group? Did the notifying email happen to go in my junk mail?

So, I went to Google and find out what is the correct way only to find a plethora of answers and comments.  I was actually a little offended with one comment suggesting that the people who double-space are dinosaurs. Well, I declare!  It seems that no one really knows. 

And, there is actually a whole blog on the question, including a little history lesson on double-spacing and single-spacing.

I have to laugh at myself for this little annoyance – which is really what it is.  OK. So, if you notice my blogs, and see some double spaces after periods, and some single spaces after periods, it is because I have no clue what I am doing. I guess I am TRYING to form a new habit.  



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2 Responses to Are you a double-spacer or a single-spacer? Am I the only one?

  1. Steven Vencill says:

    Double spacing is still correct. Keep it up! Young folks are doing it wrong. And if they like it that way, then they can change it in the text books (or the “rules of texting” book). OMG, I am getting old too…lol

  2. Steven Vencill says:

    That’s funny, this post automatically single spaced…when I double spaced.

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