Are you a Clutter Bumpkin? (a.k.a.Hoarder)

Are you a Clutter Bumpkin? (a.k.a. Hoarder)

Many of us want to simplify our lives. We want to cut stress from our lives. Consider how many magazines articles, books, blogs, websites are devoted to helping us achieve less stress.

Physical and mental health professionals are attributing illnesses, nervousness, spasms, chronic fatigue and even cancer to the stress in our lives.  Consider this… we are accessible 24/7/365. In a recent study in Norway, addiction to social media is showing the same damage in the brain as addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and may actually be just as addictive.

I was astounded to read that there is an increase in teenage depression and anxiety, attributed to today’s teens being exposed to 8 1/2 hours of electronic media per day.

WHOAAAA – Hold on there – this is too deep for “humpback day”…

Oh yes, I had no intention of going that deep.  All I really wanted to cover was how to not be a hoarder.

You see, as a real estate agent, I visit homes almost every day. There is a definite difference in attitude when a buyer walks into a non-clutter clean home, where they can open the doors to closets and see the floor, or open a kitchen cabinet and see some organization. It makes the buyer feel like the house was well taken care of.

I can also attest that the Sellers feel better too, when they go through their house and begin packing or purging the things that they do not want to move. They realize how many of their “things” they can actually do without and still get along just fine.

BUT WAIT… I want to live like this every day!  Even if my house is not on the market.

So here is my tip which is actually what I practice – a DONATION BOX.  

I have a Donation Box sitting in my garage. When I come across something… like that coffee mug that does not match anything and has no sentimental value… or that Tupperware that I thought I had to have and have not used in years… or those books that I will never read, or even clothes… I put them in the garage in my Donation Box. 

The Donation Box serves a few purposes. It gets that un-needed item out of sight, out of mind, reduces clutter inside my house, and allows me feel “secure” in getting rid of an item – because it is not truly GONE…. yet. I am much quicker to get rid of things if I know I have time to get them back if the needs arises.  I think it is a brain thing.

And that has happened. Very rarely, I end up wanting to keep that item that I “discarded” into the Donation Box. Because the box is in my garage, I quickly go and get it back. But, for the most part, I never ever miss any of the things that are in my Donation Box. 

This has helped the rest of my family too. There is a peace of mind in giving something up if you know you can get it back if you need it.

When the box is full, we just drop off the items at our favorite charity and leave feeling good about paying it forward.

So don’t wait until you put your home on the market to purge and declutter.  Reduce stress… live healthier… and get a Donation Box today. 

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